Genesis Physics Corp.



Main Details
Maker Genesis Physics Corp. Company
Additional Model ID 210
Form Factor Floorstanding
Signal Path Passive Hardware
Made In USA
Date Produced 1980
Dimensions 31 inches high, 16-1/2 inches wide, 10-1/2 inches deep
Weight 45 lbs
Power Source Passive
Frequency Response Each speaker comes with an individually run frequency-response graph attached to the carton.
Notes The low and middle frequencies are radiated by an 8-inch woofer augmented below 45 Hz by a 10-inch passive radiator. The bass system is based on a fourth-order Butterworth alignment. The woofer response has been designed to roll off naturally above 1,800 Hz, where it crosses over to a single 1-inch-diameter inverted (concave) dome tweeter. No series inductor is used to roll off the woofer's high-frequency output, so its damping is not impaired by the added resistance of a crossover coil.

The tweeter, which has a double-layer voice coil in a ferrofluid-filled gap, is designed to withstand very high power levels without damage. Every Genesis tweeter is tested for 2 minutes at 2,000 Hz at a 30-watt input (the company's tests show that it can handle 100 watts at 2,000 Hz for more than a minute). The woofer has rubber impact bumpers to minimize damage from excessive cone excursions.
Additional Specifications
Ohms 8
Connector: Spring Terminal
Description: 3 Way
Parameter: Decrease
Control Type: Toggle Switch
Range: High / Low


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