Main Details
Maker Technics Brand
Additional Model ID MK3
Form Factor Freestanding
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In Japan
Date Produced 1989-2008
Dimensions Width 453 × height 162 × depth 360mm
Weight 12,5
Frequency Response 50Hz / 60Hz
Notes Commentary
SL-1200 series of third generation falls to record player.

It has adopted the Quartz synthesizer continuous pitch control system in rotation control, you can be continuously change the pitch in the range of ± 8% while multiplied by the quartz lock.
Moreover, adopted entire circumference detection FG, and has realized the more accurate detection signal by performing the entire circumference detection of the rotation axis.

The drive motor is adopted an integrated structure DD motor starting torque 1.5kg · cm, reaches the constant speed in a weight class turntable is 0.7 seconds (the time of 33 1 / 3rpm).

The turntable has improved the vibration resistance by deadening rubber that was affixed to the back rubber sheet and the turntable.

The tone arm part has adopted the gimbal suspension system, we have achieved an excellent initial sensitivity of horizontal and vertical 7mg.
In addition, equipped with a locking arm height adjustment mechanism, by height adjustment ring of precision helicoid finish, it is possible to fine-tune a range of 6mm. This allows you to keep the vertical tracking error to the minimum.

Cabinet, and top with aluminum die-casting, has adopted a molded heavyweight special rubber vibration damping factor and excellent big anti-vibration characteristics. In addition, DD motor and tone arm, until the mounting portion of the dust cover is also connected to this special rubber, and has adopted the anti-vibration measures were thorough and that isolate each part separately.
By four large insulator and has prevented the adverse effects of external vibration.

The pitch adjustment I have adopted the slide lever system. Display plate can be read directly pitch conversion is in increments of 1%, 0 points LED green in (rated speed) is on.

The pure electronic formula brake mechanism I have built. This takes quickly brake at the touch of a button, will be released at the same time the brake mechanism is stopped.

I am equipped with a pop-up stylus illuminator.

Disk slip sheet employing a soft rubber that does not damage the disk comes, it is possible to scratch play.
Connection RCA (Phono, Cinch)
Parameter: On/Off Control
Control Type: Rotary Switch
Parameter: Speed Control
Control Type: Momentary Push Switch
Range: 33 1/3 Rpm
Parameter: Speed Control
Control Type: Momentary Push Switch
Range: 45Rpm
Parameter: Pitch Control
Control Type: Slide Switch
Range: ± 8% (continuously variable)


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