Main Details
Maker MFB Company
Form Factor Desktop
Signal Path Hybrid Analog / Digital Hardware
Made In Berlin
Dimensions 310 x 165 x 38/72 mm.
Notes * semi-modular system with ten sections
* analogue VCO with analogue ring modulator
* 12dB/oct. multimode-filter
* built-in Digital Delay
* modulation-sequencer
* AHDSR-envelope with loop option

Although MEGAZWERG and its many useful functions are meant to serve as an expansion to MFB’s KRAFTZWERG or any analogue modular-system, MEGAZWERG also serves as an independent full-featured synthesizer. Its ten sections can be used individually or combined.

A brief overview to the sections of MEGAZWERG:

The oscillator offers triangle, saw tooth and rectangle waveform shapes. Its pitch can be set over an octave range using a trim-pot. Pitch is controlled by its CV-input using sequencers or keyboards. The output is prewired to the Y-input of the ring modulator, which is built analogue unlike the unit found in KRAFTZWERG. The ring modulator may also be used with two external signals.

The state-variable multimode-filter runs with 12dB slope per octave and offers Lo-, Hi- and Bandpass-modes as well as notch-filtering and resonance up to self-oscillation. Both, cutoff and resonance can be modulated using dedicated CV-inputs. In addition, a pitch-dependent cutoff-frequency control can be achieved using the key follow function. Key follow is prewired to key-CV respectively MIDI-pitch.

The envelope generator offers Attack, Hold, Decay, Sustain and Release stages. Besides its normal mode, the first three stages can also be looped with an active gate-signal, and then followed by the release stage. This section also contains a VCA that serves as CV-controllable audio-output for MEGAZWERG. The envelope is prewired to the CV-input of the VCA.

The onboard 12-bit-Digital-Delay does not only create echo-effects. Its read-out-speed can be varied over a two-octave-range manually or by CV. In addition, there is a freeze function that sets the effect signal to last endlessly. Send and return jacks are provided to insert any module into the delay’s feedback-path, just like a filter or a ring modulator.

The modulation-sequencer serves to create simple, adjustable rhythmic modulations of two, three or four steps in length. Each step has a dedicated control to set the according control voltage. The sequence tempo can be adjusted with the sequence or follow the clock-input.

The dual Glide section offers two independent delay/lag units with different characteristics. You may use these to smooth the steps of the modulation-sequence or create portamento glides.

Two attenuators are available in the Dual-Attenuator-Section. In excess of limiting audio- and control-signals, these units can also serve as CV-sources. With the input not being patched, the output sends a fixed control voltage of up to 8V. This can be used to increase the maximum speed of KRAFTZWERG’s LFO or set the VCO-pulse width to a constant value.

The mixer section offers three inputs, where only inputs 1 and 2 are variable in gain.

Two multiples allow doubling or tripling CV- or audio-signals. Essential, where one LFO needs to modular two or three targets.

The signal-path VCO-VCF-VCA as well as envelope control over the VCA is internally prewired, so that MEGAZWERG can be played immediately. All further routings are created using the patch jacks. These can be used or controlled by MEGAZWERG itself or any compatible external device.

MFB’s MEGAZWERG has the following dimensions: 310 x 165 x 38/72 mm.

External power supply included.


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