Drum Machine, Sequencer

Main Details
Maker Oberheim Company
  • 6 × Voice
Form Factor Desktop
Signal Path Digital Hardware (including Analog Connections)
Date Produced 1980-
Notes Introduced in 1983, the Oberheim DX was a slightly stripped down version of the DMX, available at a list price of US$1,395. The look and feel of the machine was similar to that of the DMX, but it only featured 18 sounds instead of 24; allowed for 6-sound polyphony instead of 8; had a 4-digit, 7-segment display instead of a 16-character alphanumeric display; and had fake plastic wood instead of walnut. Additionally, the voices were stored on EPROMs directly on the circuit board instead of removable voice cards. The DXa model added MIDI support from the factory. Like the DMX, the DX was popular among early hip-hop artists.


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