DX Stretch

Drum Machine, Sequencer

Main Details
Maker Oberheim Company
  • 10 × Voice
Form Factor Desktop
Signal Path Digital Hardware (including Analog Connections)
Date Produced 1980-
Notes The Oberheim DX Stretch is an Oberheim DX with an additional four EPROM slots (or samples) and has the addition of MIDI.

Based upon the modular Oberheim DMX Drum Machine, the DX offers the sound and features of the DMX in a less expensive, more integrated package . The DX is not a drum synthesizer; it is a complex microcomputer system programmed with digital studio recordings of real drums. It doesn't sound like a rhythm box. it sounds like a drummer. Not only does the DX sound like a drummer, it can play like a real drummer; with rolls, flams, odd time signatures, uneven phrases, changing tempos, or even off the beat. Up to 2200 notes can be stored in the DX, recorded in any of 100 Sequences of any length or time signature. Drum sequences can be recorded in real time or one note at a time. Any of the 18 individual drums (including crash cymbal) or individual notes can be recorded, erased, and then re-recorded until the drum beat is exactly right. The sequences can be combined to form up to 50 songs. Each song can contain up to 255 sequences, arranged in any order, to form a complete composition. Tempo and Time Signature are programmable for each sequence, and with the DX's extensive editing capability, a song's structure can be changed quickly and easily. The DX has several Quantize modes, which correct your rhythm to any beat between l/4 notes and 1/32 note triplets, or turn the Quantize off for the human feel. In addition, there is a Swing mode which will give rhythms the uneven feel that is used so often in jazz and other music.


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