Sampler, Sequencer, Effect

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Main Details
Maker Ensoniq (Company)
Function Sampler , Sequencer , Effect
Signal Path Digital Hardware (including Analog Connections)
Date Produced 1998-
External References Sound on Sound Review
Notes Polyphony - 32 voices
Sampler - 44.1kHz; 20-bit A/D, 18-bit D/A, 16-bit Memory; Stereo or mono; Sample-time: 2MB standard (20.5 seconds max); expandable up to 66MB (13 minutes max)
Sequencer - 16 polyphonic tracks, Up to 128 Sequences, 384 PPQ clock resolution, Tap Tempo
Effects - Real time modulation of effects parameters; 40 algorithms with many programmable variations per effect and 5 Stereo busses: Insert, Light Reverb, Medium Reverb, Wet Reverb, Dry
Keyboard - 13 Velocity sensitive trigger pads
Memory - Disk: 1.4 MB Quad-density HD, 3.5" micro-floppy disk
Control - MIDI
Date Produced - 1998


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