Synthesizer, Sequencer, Effect

Main Details
Maker Korg Company
Form Factor Keyboard
Signal Path Digital Hardware (including Analog Connections)
Date Produced 2008-
Dimensions 524 x 232 x 70mm
Weight 2.2 kg
Power Source DC 9V 600 mA
Notes At NAMM 2008, a successor called the microKORG XL was introduced. Available since early 2009 it uses MMT Multi Modeling Technology from Korg's newer and more powerful Radias/R3 synthesizers.

New features specific to the microKORG XL
Notably, the microKORG XL features 17 different KAOSS derived effects, including phaser, flange, decimation, vibrato, tremolo and retrigger. The XL also features several included PCM Waveforms, including Piano, Brass Ensemble, 9 Electric Piano and Clavinet, 7 organ sounds (one of which emulates the Korg M1 Organ), a full String Orchestra, 2 variable formant waves and more than 32 digitally generated waveforms (SYNWAVE 6 is a ramp wave/inverted sawtooth.) The XL adds two additional Waveform Modulation types: Phase Modulation and Unison (in which 5 stacked oscillators within 1 oscillator can be detuned and phased to achieve a richer sound.) The Unison Simulator is similar to the Supersaw waveform on the Roland JP-8000. The included "OSC MOD WAVEFORM" and "OSC2 SYNC" controllers are reminiscent of the Poly-Mod feature in the Sequential Circuits Prophet-5. The microKORG XL also includes a waveshaper (uncommon in most synthesizers) which will morph the current waveform into an approximation of the waveform desired, resulting in a harsh sound. The waveshaper also includes a third oscillator (Sub oscillator.)
Additional improvements include:
Polyphony increased up to 8 notes
Vocoder increased to 16 bands, but still supports the 4 note polyphony
USB connector for MIDI over USB operation
"Split" and "Multi" added to Voice modes
The option to use 10 scales, including one defined by the user.
"Analog Tune" simulates the pitch instability and oscillator “drift” that was characteristic of vintage analog synthesizers


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