Sequencer, Synthesizer

Main Details
Maker Yamaha Company
  • 32 × Voice (Polyphony)
  • 16 × Track (Sequencer)
Form Factor Desktop
Signal Path Digital Hardware (including Analog Connections)
Dimensions 43 x 88 x 104mm
Weight 520g
Notes The Yamaha QY70 Music Sequencer brings big sound and performance together in one small package that fits in the palm of your hand. Far from being just a simple combination MIDI tone generator/sequencer, the QY70 is an extremely powerful small-size version of Yamaha's top-of-the-line XG music powerhouse, the QY700. A completely self-contained XG music workstation with full GM compatibility, the QY70 boasts high-quality instrument and drum kit voices, full voice editing functions, quick-sketch composing capabilities, a huge database of musical phrases and Styles, three digital multi-effects processors, and many more uncompromising features which give the QY70 the power to hold its own in the most demanding of musical situations. Destined to set new standards for music production portability, flexibility and ease of use, professional musicians and composers - as well as serious students and music hobbyists - may find it the only all-around MIDI music making tool they'll ever need. Specially designed to make high-quality music creation, production and performance accompaniment a breeze virtually anywhere, the QY70 is right at home in project and professional recording studios as well as on stage. It's also an ideal backup band and practice partner that need never leave your side.

Number of Songs 20
Number of Tracks Song: 16 sequencer tracks,pattern track (Pt), chord track (Cd),tempo track (Tm) Pattern: 8 pattern phrase tracks
Number of Phrase 4,167 preset phrases 48 user phrases per user style
Number of Pattern 768 preset patterns (128 preset styles x 6 sections) 384 user patterns (64 user styles x 6 sections) Sections: Intro, Main A, Main B, Fill AB,Fill BA, Ending
Data Capacity approximately 32,000 notes
Number of Polyphony (Max.) 64
Quantize Yes
Tempo 25 - 300
Recording Method Realtime replace, Realtime overdub,Step, Multi


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