Musical Fidelity



Main Details
Maker Musical Fidelity Company
Additional Model ID A3 CD 24 bit CD Player
Form Factor Standard Width
Signal Path Hybrid Analog / Digital Hardware
Made In UK
Dimensions 440 x 95 x 400 mm
Weight 6 kg
Frequency Response 10Hz - 20kHz + 0.2dB
Notes DAC architecture: 24 bit Delta-Sigma (Bitstream) 8x oversampling
Frequency response: 10Hz - 20kHz + 0.2dB
S/N ratio: > 96dB unweighted, > 105dB 'A' weighted
THD: < 0.006% 10Hz - 20kHz unweighted, < 0.003% 10Hz - 20 kHz 'A' weighted
Total correlated jitter: < 170 pS
De-emphasis error: < + 0.1dB
Linearity: < + 0.2dB to -80dB
Wow and flutter: Unmeasurable
Power requirements: 100/115/230V AC 50/60Hz
Power consumption:15 Watts
Dimensions (approx.): 440 x 95 x 400 mm (W x H x D)
(Height includes feet, Depth includes terminals)
Weight: 6kg (un-boxed)
Standard accessories: Remote control handset, 4 batteries (SUM-4, AAA, LR03)
Line Out RCA (Phono, Cinch)
Digital Out RCA (Phono, Cinch)
Digital Out JIS F05 (Toslink, ADAT Lightpipe)


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