DJ Mixer

Main Details
Maker Denon Brand
  • 4 × Channel (Line (Stereo))
  • 2 × Channel (Phono (Stereo))
  • 1 × Channel (Mic (Stereo))
Weight 3.8 Kg / 8 3/8 lbs.
Power Source 10 VAC, 750 mA x 2
Notes Features •Compact size
•Crossfader and channel fader reverse
•Crossfader and channel fader countour
•Program channel reverse
•Gain control
•Headphone Split Cue function
•Mic input with level control, EQ, and Talkover switch
•8-position Transform switch
•All input channel levels can be pre-adjusted to match the output level meter ensuring a smooth transition between fades
•4 line-ins
•2 phono ins
•2 master Outputs
The perfect companion to the DN-S1000 CD/MP3 player!


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