Main Details
Maker Pittsburgh Modular Brand
Form Factor Modular - Eurorack
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In USA
Power Source 30mA
Notes The Pittsburgh Modular Timetable module is a Clock Divider / Pattern & CV Generator. The primary intention of Timetable is to provide timed gates, both predictable and inconsistent. In practice, you can use the module as a straightforward clock divider and pattern generator or as a hyperactive gate and CV spewing lunatic… and of course something, somewhere in the middle. A binary system that sometimes gets stuck somewhere between 1 and 0.

The output of the Timetable is split into two distinct sections. The first section is a clock divider that produces straight quarter, half, whole & double whole-note divisions of the input signal. The patterns generated in the second section range from a replica of the first section to complex patterns tied to several factors such as CV, user interface settings and the logic chip installed.


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