Pittsburgh Modular

Synthesizer System 1


Main Details
Maker Pittsburgh Modular Brand
  • Synthesizer (Complete, Fully Patchable, Semi-Modular Synthesizer)
Form Factor Desktop
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In USA
Power Source 450mA
Notes The Synthesizer System 1 is a complete single voice, analog synthesizer and a great entry point into modular synthesis. Using the Synthesizer Block module as it's centerpiece, the Synthesizer System 1 contains all of the most important components of a modular synthesizer. Connected internally, the Synthesizer System 1 is hardwired to create a complete monophonic synthesizer without needing to add patch cables. However, each major component within the Synthesizer System 1 is fully patchable and can function independent to the rest of the system by using the available patch points and included patch cables.


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