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Radio Receiver

Main Details
Maker Music Hall Brand
  • Radio Receiver (stereo receiver with upsampling and video switching)
Form Factor Desktop
Signal Path Digital Hardware (including Analog Connections)
Made In Czech Republic
Dimensions w17 x d16.5 x h5
Weight 43 lbs
Notes The maven is a classic two channel stereo receiver with a contemporary twist. Designed for the music lover, we chose a select group of technologically advanced components to create this powerful 100 watt/channel receiver, to which we’ve added video switching and a 24bit/96kHz upsampling digital to analog converter (DAC). This allows you great flexibility in connecting up and using the maven while the DAC improves the sound of your current source components.

The maven is the perfect complement to our cd25.2 cd player.
feature list

24bit/96kHz upsampling
crystal CS8420 sample rate converter
burr-brown PCM 1738 DAC
processes standard digital audio signal rates 32kHz to 96kHz
ti PGA 2311 digitally controlled analog volume control
100 watt/channel amplifier
a, b, and a+b speaker selection
am/fm tuner with 99 presets and sleep timer
two digital inputs: 1 optical/1 coaxial
5 analog inputs; 3 with video switching
pre amp out/subwoofer connection
5-way insulated gold speaker binding posts
high quality gold input jacks
full remote control operation
heavy duty detachable power cord


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