Road Rider™


Main Details
Maker ion Brand
  • Speaker (120-Watt Rechargeable Speaker System)
Form Factor Floorstanding / Stand Mounted
Signal Path Digital Hardware (including Analog Connections)
Made In China
Notes Stand back and get ready for the excitement! That’s because this is an outdoor rechargeable speaker with unusually powerful sound, so there’s no leaning in, straining to hear what’s happening, even with big groups. Everyone’s happy.

Stream your favorite music from any Bluetooth device or listen to the pre-game show on its built-in FM radio. A perfect fit for your trunk, its trapezoidal-shaped cabinet projects the sound at the perfect angle—whether you’re at the beach or in the stadium parking lot. Or, put Road Rider on your car’s roof—don’t worry, the speaker has rubber feet to protect your car’s finish. A 12V input jack and cables let you power it right from your car’s electrical system, or use Road Rider's own rechargeable battery. The lighted 10-inch 2-way speaker adds the perfect visual touch to the fun.


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