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Synthesizer, Sequencer

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Main Details
Maker Moog (Company)
Function Synthesizer , Sequencer
Additional Model ID The Brother From Another Mother
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Notes The Brother From Another Mother offers a basic synth voice, with:

a single VCO, with saw & pulse wave forms;
ADSR envelope;
VCF with cutoff and resonance and VCF EG Amount control;
An 8-stage analog step sequencer, with control over glide, gate length & clock rate and per-step gate control; and
16 patch points.

The workshop BFAM has a silver panel with black type, instead of the black panel with white type of the Global Synthesizer version:

Officially, the Brother From Another Mother synth module was designed specifically for the Moogfest Engineer VIP Workshop. We’d be surprised, though, if the BAFM doesn’t get a broader release, at some point.

The BFAM was introduced to Moogfest Engineer VIP attendees, during a two-day synth DIY workshop, led by Moog engineers:
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