Drum Machine

Main Details
Maker MFB Company
Form Factor Modular - Eurorack
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In Germany
Dimensions width of 40 mm (8 TE).
Notes The DRUM-01 module revives the bass-drum and snare-
drum sounds that were originally
found in MFB’s drum-machines MFB-301/302 and later
in model MFB-501.
Both sounds can be sonically shaped with various pa
rameters. The typical MFB-sound
derives from analogue sounding digital C-MOS gates.
These units works with less
distortion compared to typical op-amps and therefor
e sound softer.
The DRUM-01 sounds, just like a lot of electronic d
evices made in the late seventies,
pretty special and does only slightly resemble its
acoustic counterparts. Instead the sounds
offer a unique character as other beloved beat boxe
s like Roland CR78, Korg Minipops,
Hammond Autovari etc...
In combination with MFB’s other DRUM modules and a
sequencer these specific sounds can now be integrat
ed into your modular system.


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