Main Details
Maker PPG Brand Palm Products GmbH Company Wolfgang Palm Designer
Form Factor Desktop
Signal Path Digital Hardware
Made In Germany
Notes Realizer, a DSP-based system that is introduced as a prototype in 1986 and that should allow the software-based emulation of any synthesizer - again, ten years before virtual and software-based synthesizers can gain a foothold in the market. The Realizer consists of a rack with the DSP-hardware and a desktop device of very futuristic design with a screen and freely assignable control elements. A contemporary promotional photo shows the panel of a Minimoog on the Realizer screen, the circuits of which had been translated into DSP code by Wolfgang Palm. Correspondingly, other synthesis forms, such as FM or the own Wavetable synthesis, should have been realized with the Realizer.
Only two units with slightly differences in look (see jog-wheel) exist. None of the working, as on eis missing the software and the other is a non working prototype. One of these used to be or is still at the Steinberg Headquarter.


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