Main Details
Maker Marantz Brand
Form Factor Tabletop
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In Japan
Dimensions 450 x 130 x 360 mm
Weight 7.3 kg
Additional Specifications
Drive Type Direct Drive
Speed Select 45 rpm
Speed Select 33⅓ rpm
Tonearm s-shaped
Rumble -65dB
Wow and Flutter 0.03% wrms
Motor DC
Control Servo
Stylus pressure 0 to 3.0g


brockmeng posted 4 years ago:

Hi, Anyone have any experience with reapairning these? The down button switch doesn't work any longer on mine. I can still play records by depressing the servo that raises and lowers the stylus, but I'd rather use the buttons. Any help would be great. The local repair guy wont touch it.

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