CE-300 Super Chorus


Main Details
Maker Roland Brand
Form Factor 19" Rackmount
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In Japan
Date Produced 1984
Notes Like many Boss products from the 80's using previous designs from Roland gear, the CE300 uses the dual BBD circuit from the renowned SDD320 'Dimension D' studio effect unit. In the CE-300 this circuit has, amongst other things, been re-clocked to give a normal stereo chorus sound (The original 'Dimension D' was designed to give a wider, more subtle stereo chorus with the idea of it being used at low volumes in the mix). The 'Monaural' mode provides some snazzy, interesting 'Multiplex' settings for deeper, more expansive chorus effects.

This CE-300 creates a very powerful, creamy, 'in your face' sound - a far cry from the single BBD choruses known from the Juno series - all the while at an incredibly effective S/N ratio, for high-fidelity performance, and with an intuitive, easy-to-use layout in both the studio and onstage.


Circuitry features 2 Independent chorus circuits for pitch-deviation chorus effects when the CE-300 is used In the stereo mode with 2 amplifiers.
In the mono mode. a full sound like that of a multiplex chorus effect is available.
For creating many different sounding chorus effects, the CE-300 comes equipped with four controls. Rate and Depth controls respectively set the rate and depth of modulation. The Chorus Tone control adjusts the sound of the effect while the
Chorus Level control allows setting the desired direct/effect sound ratio.
A and B outputs are combined at Output jack A to produce a combined chorus effect and direct sound (D+E), while the signal at Output jack B consists of a combined direct sound and inverted effect (D-E). This creates the well known and well used natural chorus effect as well as producing a spacious sound. Output jack A should be used when a monaural effect is desired.
Input/output jacks are provided on both the front and rear panels for user convenience.
Remote effects are foot switch controlled from the remote jack.


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