25 TV-EW


Main Details
Maker SEAS Brand
Form Factor Part
Signal Path Passive Hardware
Made In Norway
(H × W × D)
Weight 0.88kg
Additional Specifications
Size Classification 10"
Cone Material Pressed Pulp, Paper
Magnet Material AlNiCo
Frame Cast Aluminum
Recommended Frequency Range 30Hz-1500Hz
Recommended Enclosure Volume 25-35l
Natural Resonance (Fs) 20Hz-25Hz
Power Rating (Nominal) (DIN 45573) 35W
Power Rating (Peak) (DIN 45573) 60W
Operating Power (96dB) (DIN45500) 6.3W
Characteristic Sensitivity (dB Ref. 2x10⁻⁴ μbar) 88dB/w/m
Flux Density (DIN 45578) 5500 Gauss
Gap Energy (10⁴ ERG MWS) 250
Voice Coil Diameter 39mm
Voice Coil Length 14mm
Air Gap Height 8mm
Xmax (One Way) 3mm
BL (G/MA 4Ω) 0.8
Effective Area of Cone (Sd) 285cm²
Moving Mass (Including Air Load) (Mms) 30g


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