25 TV-EW


Main Details
Maker SEAS Brand
Form Factor Part
Signal Path Passive Hardware
Made In Norway
Dimensions 248mmx248mmx102mm (HxWxD)
Weight 0.88kg
Additional Specifications
Size Classification 10"
Cone Material Pressed Pulp, Paper
Magnet Material AlNiCo
Frame Cast Aluminum
Recommended Frequency Range 30Hz-1500Hz
Recommended Enclosure Volume 25-35l
Natural Resonance (Fs) 20Hz-25Hz
Power Rating (Nominal) (DIN 45573) 35W
Power Rating (Peak) (DIN 45573) 60W
Operating Power (96dB) (DIN45500) 6.3W
Characteristic Sensitivity (dB Ref. 2x10⁻⁴ μbar) 88dB/w/m
Flux Density (DIN 45578) 5500 Gauss
Gap Energy (10⁴ ERG MWS) 250
Voice Coil Diameter 39mm
Voice Coil Length 14mm
Air Gap Height 8mm
Xmax (One Way) 3mm
BL (G/MA 4Ω) 0.8
Effective Area of Cone (Sd) 285cm²
Moving Mass (Including Air Load) (Mms) 30g


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