µMod II

Mixing Desk, Effect

Main Details
Maker Intellijel Company
Form Factor Modular - Eurorack
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In Canada
Dimensions Width: 6hp Max Depth: 35mm
Power Source 41mA @ +12V
Notes The µMod II is a versatile ring modulator (four quadrant multiplier) based on the original µMod designed by David G. Dixon. Four analog logic outputs have been added to the module for even further CV and audio mangling.
Dual Linear VCA based Ring Modulator
Four Analog Logic outputs: ◾SUM – adds X and Y
◾DIFF – subtracts Y from X
◾MIN – analog logic equivalent to ‘AND’
◾MAX – analog logic equivalent to ‘OR’

Polarity switches for X (carrier) and Y (modulator) inputs.
QUADRANT control allows you to shift the multiplication into positive or negative quadrants.
Changing the Q value in fm adds the signal frequencies back into the sum+difference frequencies (typical output of a rigmod) which adds richness to the classic ringmod sound and allows for many variations of bell tones, chimes and mallet-type timbres.
Can be used as a linear VCA.
Great for waveshaping (especially two synced audio sources).
Excellent for CV mangling using combinations of the attenuators, rectifier switches and logic outputs.


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