Main Details
Maker Korg Company
  • Effect (Professional Modular Effects)
Form Factor Footswitch
Signal Path Digital Hardware (including Analog Connections)
Made In Japan
Date Produced 1984-1985
Notes The PME40X (Professional Modular Effects) was a cool idea from Korg which ran from '84 to '85, serving as a pedalboard with power supply, on/off switches for each effect, and master bypass - with choice of mono or stereo outputs to accommodate those effects which are stereo. It can be loaded with any of and allowed the user to load the central unit with any 4 effects and put them in the order that sounds best to you. They lock in place but each can also be secured with a single screw in the bottom of the unit for semi-permanent installation. I have multiples of most of these but rare ones like the Octave V, Distortion Wah, an Wave Shaper, usually just one at a time. Korg made a total of 14 effects. Buy any 4 effects and get the PME40X base unit for free.


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