Main Details
Maker Intellijel Company
  • Effect (Panner/Stereo Balance/Cross Fader/Dual VCA in 8HP)
Form Factor Modular - Eurorack
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In Canada
Dimensions Width: 8hp Max Depth: 39.5mm
Power Source [email protected] +12V
Notes Panner
With audio connected to the Left Input, panning control steers the
signal to the Left or Right output using constant power panning.

Stereo Balance
With a stereo audio source plugged in to the Left and Right inputs,
panning controls the balance between these two sources using constant
power panning.

With two audio sources patched into the Left and Right inputs
respectively the panning controls now act as crossfade controls. The
resultant signal is is routed to the Left Output.

With the Pan control centered and the VCA gain knobs fully CCW this
modules becomes a dual exponential VCA

Separate L and R VCA CV controls but there is also a “both” control
for using a single CV source to control the VCAs in stereo.


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