Tape Machine

Main Details
Maker Sony Brand
  • 4 × Track
  • 2 × Channel (Stereo)
Form Factor Desktop
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In Japan
Date Produced 1991
Dimensions 430 x 123 x 300mm
Weight 4.9kg
Frequency Response 20Hz to 21kHz (Metal tape / type IV, Dolby NR OFF)
Additional Specifications
Head 3 record / playback / erase
Motor 3 reel / capstan / assist
Noise Reduction B, C, HX Pro Dolby
Signal-to-noise Ratio 60 dB metal / type IV Tape, Dolby NR OFF
Signal-to-noise Ratio 69 dB metal / type IV Tape, Dolby NR B-type ON
Signal-to-noise Ratio 75 dB metal / type IV Tape, Dolby NR C-type ON
Wow and Flutter 0.05% WRMS (NAB)
Total Harmonic Distortion 1.0% metal / type IV Tape
Input 77.5mV Line
Output 0.32V Line / at a load impedance of 4.7 K ohms
Fast-winding Time 90 sec approx, with a C60 Tape
Linear Counter Display Digital: -99.99 / 99.99
Memory Indicator
Peak Level Meter dB: -∞ -30 -20 -10 -4 0 +2 +4 +6 +8 / L and R Channel
Tape Type Indicator I, II, IV
Dolby NR Indicator B, C, OFF
MPX Filter Indicator FILTER, OFF
Headphones jack 1/4" Phone Jack (6.35mm) Stereo
Balance Rotary Pot L, R
BIAS Rotary Pot -, +
MPX Filter Toggle Switch ON / OFF
REC Level Rotary Pot 0, 10
DOLBY NR Rotary Switch OFF, B, C
Phone Level Rotary Pot 0, 10
Timer Slide Switch REC, OFF, PLAY
Input Rotary Switch Line / CD Direct


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