Main Details
Maker Tannoy Brand
Additional Model ID K3828
Form Factor Part
Signal Path Passive Hardware
Made In Scotland
Date Produced 1980-1984
Dimensions 386mm
Weight 14kg
Additional Specifications
Replacement Woofer Cone P/N 7900-0039
Replacement Tweeter Diaphragm P/N 7900-0105 P/N 7900-0205 May be used
Crossover Unit P/N 1007
Driver Type Dual-Concentric Full-Range
Crossover Frequency 1kHz
Crossover Slope 12dB/Oct
Voice Coil Diameter (Woofer) 2" Copper
Voice Coil Diameter (Tweeter) 2" Aluminum
Impedance (Nominal System)
Impedance (Woofer)
Impedance (Tweeter) 16Ω
Voice Coil Resistance (Re) (Woofer) 5.7Ω
Voice Coil Resistance (Re) (Tweeter) 10.5Ω
Free Air Resonant Frequency (Fs) (Woofer) 20Hz
Force Factor (Bl) (Woofer) 20 20x10⁶ Gauss·cm
Effective Radiating Area (Sd) (Woofer) 770cm²
Horn Cut-Off Frequency 500Hz
Waveguide PepperPot
Woofer Cone Material Felted Paper, Girdacoustic Struts
Tweeter Diaphragm Material Duralumin
Surround Material "Tannoplas" Foam
Magnet Material Barium Ferrite
Flux Density (Woofer) 0.9T 9000 Gauss
Flux Density (Tweeter) 1.25T 12,500 Gauss
Sensitivity (Woofer) 92dB/W/m
Rated Power (Continuous Program) 85W
Input Binding Post
Parameter: Treble Energy
Control Type: Rotary Switch
Range: 4
Parameter: Treble Roll-Off
Control Type: Rotary Switch
Range: -2 to 2


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