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GRF Memory


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Main Details
Maker Tannoy (Brand)
Function Speaker
Additional Model ID Guy R Fountain Memory
Signal Path Passive Hardware
Made In United Kingdom
Date Produced 1982-1987
Dimensions 1100mmx800mmx480mm (HxWxD)
Weight 62kg
Frequency Response 29Hz-20kHz ±3dB

Additional Specifications
Driver 15" Dual Concentric (3839M) Ceramic Magnet, PepperPot Waveguide
Impedance (Nominal)
Impedance (Minimum) 5.5Ω
Sensitivity 92dB/W/m
Power Rating (RMS) 120W
Power Rating (Peak) 500W
Distortion (Third Harmonic, 90dB SPL, 40Hz-20kHz) <0.5%
Distortion (Third Harmonic, 110dB SPL, 80Hz-20kHz) <2.0%
Distortion (Third Harmonic, 113dB SPL, 80Hz-20kHz) <5.0%
Crossover Frequency 1kHz Second Order (12dB/Oct), Time Compensated
Enclosure Type Bass Reflex
Enclosure Volume 220l
Enclosure Composition Particle Board, Solid Walnut Trim
Finish Walnut, Cork Baffle, Oatmeal Grill

Input (Bi-Wired) Binding Post (Universal)

Treble Energy (Shelving) (1kHz-20kHz) ±6dB, 5 Steps
Treble Roll-Off (Slope) (5kHz-20kHz) +3dB/-6dB per octave, 4 Steps
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