Analogue Renaissance

TS-303 MK2 Acid Screamer


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Main Details
Maker Analogue Renaissance (Designer)
Function Effect (Distortion effect designed for the Roland TB-303.)
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In Belgium
Date Produced 2007 -
External References Analogue Renaissance
TS-303 Release Notes
Notes Features:
2 different operation modes: Distortion and overdrive
Variable dynamics restoration: Every distortion effect has the same problem: Dynamics gets lost and everything sounds equally loud. Translated to the TB-303 this means that you lose accents. This dynamics restoration reconstructs the envelope of the original signal while maintaining the distorted sound. It can be gradually tuned from no restoration to the double of the original dynamic range.
Frequency selective distortion: This gives the possibility to choose which part of the frequency spectrum gets the most distortion. Quite amazing how this enables to pick things out of the soup which were otherwise not audible.

A more detailed description of what and how can be read in the release notes:


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