Tape Machine

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Main Details
Maker Tascam (Brand)
Function Tape Machine (Portable Studio)
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In China
Dimensions 295x70x205 mm
Weight 1.1 Kg
Power Source 240V PS-P2 AC Adaaptor
Notes Detailed item info
Product Information
Capture the classic sound of your indie one-man band with the Tascam MF-P01 analog multitrack recorder. Belonging to the Tascam portastudio product line, the MF-P01 records onto standard cassette tapes for your convenience. It has output jacks for connecting an amplifier, a master recorder, and a pair of stereo headphones. To complement your musical vision, you can use the MF-P01 to capture vocals and three instruments on tape. With this device, you have the ability to record up to four tracks sequentially without compromising tonal quality. With this portastudio recorder, you can listen to previously recorded electric guitar riffs, drum sessions, and keyboard special effects. While you listen to different instruments, you can sing on the fourth track. In addition to recording with the Tascam MF-P01, you can edit files with software to ensure smooth and melodious music. This multitrack recorder produces the most innovative pro audio sounds and is used by musicians and professionals in world-class studios. You have the option to level and pan control on each of the four tracks with the input and master level LEDs. Easily connect your instruments through the 1/4-inch input, stereo line out, and headphone out connections. This device uses basic cassette tapes and records one track at a time with a classic warm analog sound. This portable device allows you to plug in any desired equipment to produce the music that you want wherever you go. In fact, you can capture your music at the industry standard rate of 1 7/8 ips tape speed. You can make recording audio easier using gear or accessories of your choice to enhance your results. Plug in anything from electric guitars to keyboards and basses to create the perfect layered song with ease.Whether you are a novice or an expert who prefers simplicity, you can work on any digital audio file on this multitrack device. With this cassette recorder, you can observe your progress with the four-dot LED meter for level monitoring. The easy-to-use four-channel mixer allows for mixing down each file without hesitation. You can render each cassette one at a time to ensure the best quality each and every time. Capture your musical ideas and ambitions on a cassette tape that can be transferred to any other device. This device is ideal for recording demos or ideas when you are short on time and need a simple solution. If you do not want to record on tapes, you can use RCA cables to connect this device to your computer. To do this, plug the cables into the output of the device to the line in port of your computer’s audio card.Once you press play on the device, you can then capture music directly to your computer. With this option, you are also able to transfer your music from the tape to a WAV or MP3 file. Take this device with you wherever you go since it is lightweight and easy to set up. These recorders provide full versatility with ease and great recording capability at the push of a button

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