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Turntable Accessory, Accessory

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Main Details
Maker ALPIGROOVE Audio (Brand)
Function Turntable Accessory (Vinyl Records Clean Liquid), Accessory (Wash'n Clean)
Additional Model ID 1000 ml
Made In Italy
Date Produced 2014
Dimensions 203 mm x 90 mm x 90 mm
Notes EN: It's a researched professional mixture for the the vinyl records cleaning that really makes your old vinyl record DIFFERENT results from any other specific product using the innovative nanotechnology research applied to classic and delicate industrial detergents used in biochemistry laboratories. ITA: KLEANGROOVE PRO 1000 ml. = Liquido Professionale x la pulizia del disco in vinile *E'un liquido per la pulizia del disco in vinile che realmente rende la riproduzione del tuo vecchio disco DIFFERENTE da qualsiasi altro prodotto specifico utilizzando le innovative ricerche sulla nonotecnologia applicata ai classici detergenti industriali e delicati, usati nei laboratori di biochimica.

Additional Specifications
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