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Scully Recording Instruments Company

284-12 Console

Tape Machine

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Main Details
Maker Scully Recording Instruments Company (Brand)
Dictaphone Corporation (Company)
Function Tape Machine
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In United States
Date Produced 1967-196?
Power Source 115VAC, 50/60Hz
Frequency Response 50Hz-15kHz ±2dB (7½ ips, 30 ips), 35Hz-15kHz ±2dB (15 ips)

Additional Specifications
Tape Type 1"
Reel Size ≤11⅛"
Tape Speed 7½/15ips, 15/30 ips
Start Time 0.1s
Timing Accuracy 99.9%
Rewind Time ~75s 2400ft NAB Reel
SNR 63dB Reference +10dB, 3M 202 or Equivalent
Flutter & Wow (0.5-250Hz) (30 ips) <0.06% RMS
Flutter & Wow (0.5-250Hz) (15 ips) <0.08% RMS
Flutter & Wow (0.5-250Hz) (7½ ips) <0.1% RMS
THD (Playback Amplifier) (+18dBm) <0.5%
Equalization NAB Curve Equalization Optional: CCIR Equalization
Bias Frequency 180kHz
Erase Frequency 60kHz
Output +4dBm, +8dBm Zero VU = +4dBm
Output Impedance 600Ω
Input Impedance (Line) 10kΩ

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