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Von Schweikert Research



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Main Details
Maker Von Schweikert Research (Brand)
Albert Von Schweikert (Designer)
Function Speaker
Additional Model ID Virtual Reality 8
Signal Path Passive Hardware
Made In United States
Date Produced 1997-1999
Dimensions 65"x18"x28" (HxWxD)
Weight 500lbs
Frequency Response 16Hz-35kHz ±3dB

Additional Specifications
Treble 1" Titanium Inverted Dome
Treble (Rear) 1" Titanium Inverted Dome
Midrange 5.5" Woven Carbon Fiber Cone (x2) Norsorex Surround
Midbass 10" Paper Cone 4" Voice Coil
Bass 13" Paper Cone 4" Voice Coil
Sensitivity 96dB/W/m In Room: 100dB/W/m
Impedance (Nominal) 4Ω
Crossover Frequencies ??Hz, 100Hz, 3.5kHz
Recomended Power >5W Per Tower
Power Handling 1000W Per Tower
Enclosure Type Aperiodic 6th Order Chebychev
Enclosure Construction 1" to 3", Constrained Layer Damping
Finish High Gloss Cherry, Satin Dark Red Cherry
MSRP (1998) $18,950
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