Ex Libris

T 500

Radio Receiver

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Main Details
Maker Ex Libris Brand Körting Brand Körting Radio Werke G.m.b.H. Company
Additional Model ID 6350 589
Form Factor Tabletop
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In Germany
Dimensions 376 x 88 x 230 mm
Additional Specifications
Fuse 50 mA (fl.)
Tuning Range 150 kHz to 340 kHz LW
Tuning Range 520 kHz to 1600kHz MW
Tuning Range 40m to 51m KW
Tuning Range 88-104 MHz FM
Signal Strength
Red lamp Power
Tuning Range
UKW Antenna Other
Antenna Other
Antenna Ground Other
Power [Ein/Aus] Latching Push Switch
Tuning Rotary Pot
UKW Latching Push Switch
KW Latching Push Switch
MW Latching Push Switch
LW Latching Push Switch
AFC Latching Push Switch
Stereo Latching Push Switch


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