Drum Machine

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Main Details
Maker Lell (Company)
Function Drum Machine (Rhythm Composer)
Signal Path Digital Hardware
Made In USSR
Date Produced 1990
Dimensions 350х220х50 mm
Weight 3,2 kg (approx. 7.10 lbs)
Power Source 220/240 V AC
Notes Lell PSR is the digital drum machine that has a built-in sequencer for 8 songs, 32 patterns of the factory (64 of user), 16 styles, each of them contains 2 variations. Maximum duration of the composition - 255 bars. Minimum tempo value from 40 to 250. It contains 12 internal sounds of percussion instruments: bass drum, bongo, clap, gong, rim, snare, tom1, tom2, tom3. Each of sounds has an accent.

Preset styles: Bossanova, Samba 1-2, Cha-Cha 1-2, Kazachok 1-2, Swing 1-2, Waltz 1-2, Big band 1-2, Tango 1-2, Rock 1-2, Beat 1-2, Disco 1-2, Reggae 1-2, Lezginka 1-2, March 1-2, Heavy Metal 1-2, Slow Rock 1-2.
Functional buttons: song, time, pattern, +/-, copy, clean 4/4, (3), Midi, step mode, metronome, forward, backward, stop, pause, accent, sounds (12 drums).
Display: # song, # pattern, bar, step, duration of step, value.
Back panel: midi input/output, audio output right/left, input for a tape recoder, headphones.


Additional Specifications
Signal-to-noise ratio 60 dB
Power consumption 11 W
Mains voltage 12 V


MIDI in DIN , Socket (Female)
MIDI out DIN , Socket (Female)
Left Out 1/4" Phone Jack (6.35mm) , Socket (Female), Mono
Right Out 1/4" Phone Jack (6.35mm) , Socket (Female), Mono
Phone out 1/4" Phone Jack (6.35mm) , Socket (Female), Stereo
Tape Recorder Out DIN , Socket (Female)


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