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Omnichord OM-27

Synthesizer, Drum Machine

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Main Details
Maker Suzuki (Company)
Function Synthesizer , Drum Machine
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In Japan
Date Produced 1981
Dimensions 520x280x50
Weight 1.4Kg
Power Source 12V D.C. 1.5V battery x 8pcs (SIZE C, R-14) or use Suzuki Adapter (DC12V, 400mA)
Notes SonicStrings Strumplate
Harp Sound. 4 Octaves
Chord Buttons
27 (Major, Minor, 7th)
Rock, Waltz, Slow Rock, Latin, Fox Trot, Swing

1 Mono Out 1/4" Phone Jack (6.35mm)

Master Volume Rotary Pot
Harp Volume Rotary Pot
Harp Sustain Rotary Pot
Chord Volume Rhythm Tempo Rotary Pot
Rhythm Volume Rotary Pot
Tuning Rotary Pot
Power (with Pilot Lamp) Latching Push Switch
6 Rhythm Latching Push Switch
Syncro Start/ Rhythm Start Latching Push Switch
Auto Bass/Manual Chord Latching Push Switch
Memory Latching Push Switch
Chords x27 Momentary Push Switch
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