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DJ Mixer

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Main Details
Maker Denon (Company)
Function DJ Mixer
Weight 3.8 Kg / 8 3/8 lbs.
Power Source 10 VAC, 750 mA x 2
External References User Manual
Notes * 2-channel battle mixer
* Inputs: 2 RCAs, 2 phono/line, 1 aux RCA, 1 mic
* Two 8-position transform switches
* Penny & Giles high performance crossfader with reverse and contour adjustability
* 3-band EQ per channel
* EQ kill switches
* Effects loop with wet/dry knob
* Input gains per channel
* Peak meters
* Channel cue, split cue and cue select knob
* Master volume
* Aux output volume knob
* Individual mic EQ, send/return and talk-over
* CD fader start function
* Illuminated logo
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