Main Details
Maker Philips Brand
Additional Model ID F7813/00
Form Factor Desktop
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In Belgium
Date Produced 1981-1983
Dimensions 449 x 360 x 142 mm
Additional Specifications
Drive type Belt type Square belt
Auto start/stop Full automatic turntable with automatic diameter selection
Repeat Record repeat function
Reject Return to rest during playing
Auto mute Signal path will be cut-off when tone arm is lifted
Pitch control Pitch control (minus, nominal, plus) for fine tuning of record speed, eg for matching to music instrument. Tuned speed will be maintained with quartz speed control.
Meter Needle pressure
LED Speed LED for selected speed 33 or 45 rpm
LED Speed lock Lights when quartz lock is achieved
Stereo output signal with ground RCA (Phono, Cinch) Stereo
Anti skating Rotary Switch 0 - 3 grams
Tone arm cue Slide Switch Up / down
Pitch control up Momentary Push Switch +9 %
Pitch control nominal Momentary Push Switch
Pitch control down Momentary Push Switch -9 %
Speed selection Momentary Push Switch 33 rpm
Speed selection Momentary Push Switch 45 rpm
Start / reject Momentary Push Switch
Stop Momentary Push Switch


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