PSM-5 Power Supply & Master Switch

Effect, Power Supply

Main Details
Maker Boss Brand Roland Company
Form Factor Footswitch
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In Japan
Notes Capable of supplying power to seven effects and featuring the sturdy Boss chassis, the PSM-5 is a workhorse power supply that also saves on pedalboard space. The first power supply produced by Boss in the '80s, this pedal also function as a master switch and is a great cost-effective power supply option that also has a vintage flair.

Single dual-color LED displays green to indicate the effects loop is bypassed, and red to indicate the effects loop is engaged. The pedal can also be used as an A/B toggle between two input sources.
Check LED
Guitar 1/4" Phone Jack (6.35mm) Socket (Female)
Amp 1/4" Phone Jack (6.35mm) Socket (Female)
Send 1/4" Phone Jack (6.35mm) Socket (Female)
Return 1/4" Phone Jack (6.35mm) Socket (Female)
9V Out Other Socket (Female)
Parameter: Bypass
Control Type: Footswitch


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