Series 200

Mixing Desk

Main Details
Maker Stevenson Company
  • 16x8x2 × Channel
Made In USA
Date Produced 1976
Dimensions 64x91x20
Power Source 117 Vac
Notes Interface Electronics mixers were hand-built in Houston Texas, by Louis Stevenson, from the late 70's through the early 1990's. They were built to order, or in very small batches for off-the-shelf custom configuration. Buyers would typically have to wait a few weeks after ordering one of these units. Stevenson mixers are difficult to find these days, especially in excellent condition. Stevenson made consoles for recording studios, and film location sound mixers, who needed mixers capable of working on 12 volt power. Today, Stevenson mixers are rare, and their input strips are often installed individually in rack mounts, to act as "processing" for their unique sound given the era of the design technology. The EQ sections are highly favored, with a three band, mid sweep section. This Series 200 mixer is a rugged, high performance professional.
Mic In
Connector: XLR


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