MiniBrute 2


Main Details
Maker Arturia Company
Form Factor Keyboard
Signal Path Hybrid Analog / Digital Hardware
Date Produced 2018-
Dimensions 19 x 13.2 x 2.3 inches (484 x 336 x 58mm)
Weight 10.6 lbs. (4.8 Kg)
Notes Announcement: 15 January 2018
Availability: Late February 2018
Price: $699.00 US

The MiniBrute 2 is a new version of the Minibrute synthesizer. Like the original Minibrute, it has two oscillators, a Steiner Parker filter and a proprietary Brute Factor drive circuit.
New features include a 48-point patchbay to interface with Eurorack gear, a keyboard with aftertouch, 2 LFOs, ADSR and AD envelopes, and a sequencer/arpeggiator.


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