Industrial Music Electronics

Piston Honda Mark III


Main Details
Maker Industrial Music Electronics Company
Additional Model ID Model 1991 Mark III
Form Factor Modular - Eurorack
Signal Path Hybrid Analog / Digital Hardware
Date Produced 2018-
Notes Announced: 23 January 2018
Shipping: Spring 2018

  • 2x Digital Oscillator - 8 octave tuning range (C0~C7)
  • 512 16-bit waveforms (8 waveform collections)
  • Micro SD card slot for loading user waveforms.
  • Graphic OLED display (128x32 in size, orange in color)
  • CV inputs accept +/- 10V.
  • Colorblind-friendly interface. No color codes.
  • 8 preset slots with nonvolatile storage of all parameters (morphable)
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