Main Details
Maker Roland Company
  • Synthesizer (Analog Subtractive Synthesizer with Sequencer)
  • 1 x Monophonic Voice
Form Factor Keyboard
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In Japan
Date Produced 1983-
Dimensions 570(W) x 80(H) x 311(D) mm
Weight 1 kg
Power Source Battery or 9V DC
Notes Specifications:
Keyboard: 32 keys (F-Scale)
Range: 16' / 8' / 4' / 2'
Pulse width modulation: 50% - min
PWM mode switch: ENV/Manual/LFO
Modulation depth control
Tune: +- 50 cents
Source mixer: Level controls (square, ramp, sub-oscillator, noise)
Sub-oscillator waveforms: 1 oct down square, 2 oct down square, 2 oct down pulse
Cut-off frequency: 10 Hz - 20 kHz
Resonance: 0 - self-oscillation
ENV depth
MOD depth
Key follow: 0 - 100%
Control signal select switch: ENV / Gate
Attack: 1.5 ms - 4 s
Decay: 2 ms - 10 s
Sustain: 0 - 100%
Release: 2 ms - 10 s
Gate trigger select switch: Gate+Trig / Gate / LFO
LFO/CLK rate: 0.1 Hz - 30 Hz
LFO/CLK rate indicator
Waveforms: triangle, square, random, noise
Portamento: Time (0 - 3 s), Mode switch (Auto/Off/On)
Octave transpose: L/M/H
Bender lever: LFO MOD switch
Sequencer (100 steps max): Buttons and indicators (Load, Play)
Arpeggio: Buttons and indicators (Up, Up and Down, Down)
Others: Buttons and indicators (Hold, Key transpose), Switch (Power on/off), Indicator (Power)
Jacks: Output, Headphones, CV output, Gate output, Hold, External clock input, Modulation grip input
Dimensions: 570(W) x 80(H) x 311(D) mm (22.4" x 3.15" x 12.2")
Weight: 4.1 kg (9.02 lb) without batteries
Accessories: 2.4m connection cord, BR-2 x 6
Output 1/4" Phone Jack (6.35mm)
Phones 1/4" Phone Jack (6.35mm)
Gate Out 3.5mm Miniature Phone Jack (1/8")
CV Out 3.5mm Miniature Phone Jack (1/8")
Gate In 3.5mm Miniature Phone Jack (1/8")
Gate Out 3.5mm Miniature Phone Jack (1/8")
Hold 1/4" Phone Jack (6.35mm)
Ext Clk In 1/4" Phone Jack (6.35mm)
DC In 9V~12V Center Negative Other
Grip 2.5mm Sub-miniature Phone Jack (3/32")
Modulation 3.5mm Miniature Phone Jack (1/8")
Tune Rotary Pot
LFO/CLK Rate Slide Pot
Wave Form Rotary Switch Saw/Square/Random/Noise
Mod Slide Pot
Range Rotary Switch 16'/8'/4'/2'
Pulsewidth Slide Pot
Pulsewidth Mod Slide Switch LFO/Man/Env
Pulsewidth Mix Slide Pot
Saw Mix Slide Pot
Sub Osc Mix Slide Pot
Sub Osc Octave Slide Switch
Noise Mix Slide Pot
VCF Frequency Slide Pot
VCF Resonance Slide Pot
VCF Envelope Slide Pot
VCF Mod Slide Pot
Keyboard Tracking Slide Pot
VCA Source Slide Switch Env/Gate
Gate/Trigger Selector Slide Switch Gate+Trig/Gate/LFO
Envelope Attack Time Slide Pot
Envelope Decay Time Slide Pot
Envelope Sustain Level Slide Pot
Envelope Release Time Slide Pot
Volume Rotary Pot
Portamento Time Rotary Pot
VCO Bend Amount Slide Pot
VCF Bend Mount Slide Pot
LFO Mod Slide Pot
Portamento Toggle Switch Auto/Off/On
Transpose Toggle Switch L/M/H


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