LA Audio


Amplifier, Microphone

Main Details
Maker LA Audio Brand CSV Electronics Ltd Company
Additional Model ID Microphone Processor
  • 1 × Channel (One channel mic/line/DI input, noise reduction, compressor, equaliser and output.)
Form Factor 19" Rackmount
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In United Kingdom
Dimensions 483mm (19")W 150mm (6")D 44mm(1.75")H
Weight 2.2kg
Power Source Mains AC
Frequency Response ±1dB, 20Hz to 20kHz
Notes The MPX10 provides, in a single channel unit, all the necessary signal processors for one step recording or PA applications. The MPX10 combines a Mic/Line preamplifier with DI input, Noise Reduction, Auto Compressor and Equaliser in a 1U unit with integral power supply. The input section is designed around an ultra low noise mic pre-amp of exceptional clarity with switching for Line or DI input selection, +48V Phantom Power, Phase Reverse and 75Hz High Pass Filter. The Noise Reduction is implemented by way of a simple downwards Expander with variable Threshold. The Compressor section includes variable Threshold and Ratio with 4-mode Auto-Sensing Attack and Release, which automatically tailors the Attack/Release settings to suit the signal. An integral De-Esser switch is incorporated to make the Compressor more sensitive to sibilant frequencies. The EQ section features two fully variable parametric mid frequencies with variable bandwidth (Q) and fixed HF and LF cut/boost. Finally the meter section provides an output Gain control and output level and Gain Reduction metering.


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