Roland System-100

The Roland System 100 was an analog semi-modular synthesizer manufactured by Japan's Roland Corporation, released in 1975 and manufactured until 1979.

Monophonic with 2 VCOs, 2 LFOs, 2 VCAs, 2 VCFs, 2 ADSR Envelopes, Ring Modulator, S/H, Noise, Sequencer, Mixer.
Control - CV / Gate (1v/oct)
Date Produced: 1975-1979

The full system consists of:
Model 101 (Synthesizer)
Model 102 (Expander)
Model 103 (Mixer)
Model 104 (Sequencer)
Model 109 (Speakers)

The 101 and 102 are internally hard-wired so they can be used without patching at all. Each unit was independently powered so that there was no weakening of oscillator power due to complex patching. Also, uniquely for the time, the 100 didn't have the oscillators "locked in" to fixed footages or pitches, which allows maximum flexibility for sound design. The 103 is a four-channel mixer with built-in spring reverb and mono fx send/return, the 104 sequencer and the 109 speakers could be used independently but there was no true modular flexibility, as with the later Roland System-100M and the Roland System-700. More modules were apparently planned, but none were ever produced.


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