Roland System-700

The first modular system built by Roland.

The full system consists of 7 "blocks":
Block 1: Main Console
Block 2: Keyboard Controller
Block 3: Analog Sequencer
Block 4: VCO Bank
Block 5: VCF/VCA Bank
Block 6: Interface/Mixer
Block 7: 2ch Phase Shifter/2ch Audio Delay

701A: 5-octave 61-note keyboard
702A,B,C,D,E: VCOs with four waveforms (sine, triangle, sawtooth, and rectangle), PWM, and range knobs (LO to 2'), and a pitch control (+-12 semi-tones)
702A: has a PWM input and slider, and LFO1 mod input is hard-wired
702B: has a hard-wired ADSR1 and LFO1 modulation inputs and sync
702C: has a Sample & Hold and LFO1 input and sync
702D: like A but with a socket instead of hard-wired mod inputs
702E: like B&C without the hard-wired inputs
703B,C,D: 12dB VCFs
703E,F: 24dB VCFs
704A,B,C,D: VCAs
705A: Dual Envelopes
706A,B: LFOs (rate/delay)
707A: Envelope Follower
708A: Noise and Ring Modulators
709A,B: Sample & Hold Modules
710A,B: Multiples
711A: Output module (Stereo VUs, a six-position test-tone, a Phase Shifter, a Spring Reverb, and voltage-controlled Panning)
712A: CV Processor
713A: Gate Delay
714B: Frequency-to-Voltage Converter, Envelope Follower
715A: Multimode Filter, Mixer
716A: Mixer
717A: Analog Sequencer
718A: Power Supply
720B: 2-channel Phase Shifter
721B: 2-channel Audio Delay
723A: Analog Switch

Date Produced: 1976 - 1982


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