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September Means S.P.IN

Welcome to the September Pledge Initiative

Thanks to your support the Gearogs database has amplified the love of music and audio gear, saving thousands of turntables, speakers, synthesizers and more from obscurity.

With the September Pledge Initiative, we’re inviting you to double-down on those efforts. We want to catalog even more gear; guitar pedals, sequencers, drum machines and more. Together we’ve already cataloged over 15,000 unique pieces of music and audio gear. We’re challenging you to save even more.

This September, we’re going after a goal of saving 400 items of gear from around the world. Will you help us achieve it?

Together we can build a complete and enduring catalog of film for future generations to enjoy, get a better understanding of the trajectory of physical releases over time, and how it all fits together. Your contributions can make the difference.

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How to contribute to Gearogs

  1. Grab your gear or treat yourself and buy something new.
  2. Search the Gearogs database for the gear. Can't find it? Add it using the submission form.
  3. Nicely done! Now other Gearogs community members can add it to their Wantlist, Collection, or sell it on the Marketplace
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