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Discogs for music gear! We are on a mission to catalog all audio equipment. With your help, we'll list every turntable, every synth, every effect unit in the world. Anything to do with capturing, amplifying, mixing, and reproducing audio belongs here.


"To catalog all audio equipment that deals with the production, capturing, amplification, processing, mixing, storing, and reproduction of audio signals."

Common scenarios where this equipment will be found are in recording studios, hi-fi, and DJ type setups.


The scope of the project includes things like turntables (including all-acoustic phonographs) , amplifiers, speakers, mixing desks, effects including spring and plate reverbs, and microphones. It includes instruments that create their sound directly via electronic means (analog and digital synthesizers, for example), but not electro-acoustic instruments such as electric guitars, Fender Rhodes electric pianos and the like, nor electro-mechanical instruments such as the Mellotron, nor opto-electronic instruments such as the Optigan.

Audio equipment is a broad subject. In order to keep the database focused, especially at the start, the following areas are being avoided for the time being:

  • In Car Entertainment (ICE)
  • Home Cinema
  • Guitar Amps
  • Amateur and Professional Radio Equipment

Some equipment will crossover from these areas. Discussion on the scope of Gearogs is expected!


  • Relax. It is supposed to be fun as well as a serious endeavour.
  • Respect the data. Think before changing things. If in doubt, ask in the forum.
  • If you see an error, fix it. Get stuck in, Gearogs doesn't have any voting right now.
  • Unlike Discogs, you don't have to have the exact gear in front of you when entering it in the database. Please do make sure you take you information from a reputible and legitimate source - the manufacturers website is a great place to start!
  • Refer to the General Guidelines for any applicable questions (capitalization etc) that aren't covered here.
  • Avoid the use of the minus dash "-" for anything other than 'minus'. For denoting the range of controls, use the lower case 'to', for example "0 to 10", "Slow to Fast" etc. For control and connector groups, use ':', for example "LFO 1: Speed".
  • Use parentheses "( )" to enter extra information that isn't used on the actual device. For example "Emax (Rack)" for the model name of the rack version of the Emax sampler, "Fine (Tune)" to make explicit the function of a control just named "Fine" on the device.
  • Entering more than one control, display etc per line is ok. Use a comma to seperate the control names, for example "FF, Rew, Play, Rec", use "to" to denote a range "1 to 16".


  • Images
  • Maker/s (required)
  • Model (required)
  • Function/s (required)
  • Additional Model ID
  • Channels/Voices/Tracks
  • Form Factor
  • Signal Path
  • Made In
  • Dates Produced
  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Power Source
  • Frequency Response
  • External References
  • Notes
  • Additional Specs
  • Displays/Indicators/Meters
  • Connections
  • Controls