Gearogs Database Guidelines

  • Relax. It is supposed to be fun as well as a serious endeavour.
  • Respect the data. Think before changing things. If in doubt, ask in the forum.
  • If you see an error, fix it. Get stuck in, Gearogs doesn't have any voting right now.
  • Unlike Discogs, you don't have to have the exact gear in front of you when entering it in the database. Please do make sure you take you information from a reputible and legitimate source - the manufacturers website is a great place to start!
  • Refer to the Gearogs Rules and Guidelines for any applicable questions (capitalization etc) that aren't covered here.
  • Avoid the use of the minus dash "-" for anything other than 'minus'. For denoting the range of controls, use the lower case 'to', for example "0 to 10", "Slow to Fast" etc. For control and connector groups, use ':', for example "LFO 1: Speed".
  • Use parentheses "( )" to enter extra information that isn't used on the actual device. For example "Emax (Rack)" for the model name of the rack version of the Emax sampler, "Fine (Tune)" to make explicit the function of a control just named "Fine" on the device.
  • Entering more than one control, display etc per line is ok. Use a comma to seperate the control names, for example "FF, Rew, Play, Rec", use "to" to denote a range "1 to 16".